Lovely New York Times article about refugees and Canada



Fundraising Update #3

We are happy to report we have now raised $41, 382! Again thank you for your amazing support.

Our group has now attended two training sessions as we prepare to have a family assigned to us.

Unfortunately the fast-tracking of refugees applications offered by the government has now ended so it may be some time before our family arrives even after they are assigned to us.

More information to come!


Fundraising Update #2

We are thrilled to announce we have reached our initial goal of $30,000! Thanks for your support!

Actually we have raised $32,882.53 which is truly amazing, but living in the GTA is very expensive (as we all know). The government’s estimate of $27,000 for living in the GTA for one year is for families living on social assistance (with access to discounted accommodations, etc.). The family we sponsor will not have access to these discounts and subsidies. So after careful consideration our group has decided to raise our goal to $50,000. We feel raising our sponsorship funds will ensure a successful settlement for the family.

We have outlined our estimated Budget for the Family here. Of course this budget might change depending on the actual number of family members. This includes many very generous in-kind donations. To see what we have and what is still needed please view our Home Necessities List.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming fundraising events!